Custom Wood Panels

We build quality custom wood panels. Our panel maker, Sean, has been making our popular custom panels for over 20 years. Sean uses quality Baltic birch wood for the top and a basswood cradle. C@C and LASER Custom shapes can be made up just send us your diagram. Alumincor Aluminum supports are available for sizes over 24″x30″. 

Ultralight panel or standard 1/4″ Baltic birch surface . The ultralight is best for stretching. Depth is Standard 1 1/2″ or 2″. Custom depths are also available. We also offer French Cleats for hanging.

Soho Custom Panels: Made in Brooklyn NY, our Custom Panels are expertly handcrafetd with a birch face and basswood cradling.

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All panels are not prepared with a varnish, ground, or finish of any kind so the artist has a choice in the development of its preparation. Priming procedures are unique to the individual artists goals and process. Some artists apply acrylic grounds, some apply more traditional sizing gesso recipes, still others use an oil or alkyd ground, etc.

As our panels are raw wood, initial thinned or watery applications as a first layer run greater risks of warping or damaging the surface of the panel as water would on any unfinished wood surface.

In addition, over-diluting this initial coat often leads to poor adhesion and a weaker ground layer. If thin applications are desired for a smoother surface, it is up to the artist to prepare the panel first with a proper sizing or sealing/isolation coat before applying grounds that have a higher aqueous content.

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